Discussions & Activities

The emphasis at Polar Chill is “Social”. It’s about getting to know your fellow members, and perhaps make some new friends. Accordingly, our programming is structured to be fun and interactive. Some of the discussions and other activities are:

1984+30 – A Brave New World - Mass surveillance, spying on ordinary citizens, bulk data collection. Discussion on implications, capabilities, consequences, and information in the post Snowden revelation world. Encryption matters.

6 Degrees of Amy Acker - From a physicist to a god to a fairy to a cellist to a doll to the mother of a little boy who holds the key to a deadly spirit, Amy Acker certainly gets around sci-fi land. What was her best role? What was her worst? And what do we want to see her in next?

24: Welcome Back Jack! - Four years after becoming a fugitive, everyone’s favourite counter-terrorist agent is back in action. Jack Bauer emerged from the woodwork in London, England to save the President, his old friend and former Secretary of State James Heller.

Advanced Costuming - How can I up my game? Learn tips and tricks for advanced techniques and professional looking finishes to make your cosplay the best at the con. Armor building, painting, working with thermoplastics, and that crazy thing called Pepakura.

After Season One Review – So they made it through their first season. How did they do?

Batman 75th Anniversary Panel - Holy Bat-aversary, Batman! After 75 years of superheroism, remembering the best and worst of Batman’s history and the upcoming Batman and Superman movie.

Buffy, Angel, Spike, Rinse Repeat - What is it about the good girl, good guy, bad boy combination that keeps us compelled, from Veronica Mars to the Vampire Diaries?

Cards Against Humanity - **ADULTS ONLY** Why am I sticky? What are the steps that lead to profit? And maybe she’s born with it, but maybe it’s… Bring your most twisted, hilarious, and just plain wrong answers to this party game for horrible people.

Clone Club - Welcome to Clone Club. The first rule of Clone Club is you don’t talk about Clone Club, especially if you don’t know who your monitor is. What’s going on in season 2 of Orphan Black? Is it a trifecta of confusion between the State, Church, and Corporation?

Con Clue - And yet again someone has been murdered at the con. This is getting a little embarrassing. Maybe we shouldn’t have hired Deadpool as the security guard. He seemed so trustworthy, he was wearing a red shirt…You know the drill, search the hotel for potential victims and weapons–the ones that you don’t find must be whodunnit and whatdunnit. Good luck!

Constellation Hotel - Reminisce about the good ol’ days.

Constellation Speculation - Who do you think will win? Which nominated performances and shows have you seen?

Costuming on the Cheap - When you’re on a budget and want to make a costume, how to succeed without breaking the bank.

The Death of Archie Andrews - Say it ain’t so! Riverdale just won’t be the same without the redhead with the letter R on his sweater. Now we’ll never know the answer to the big question…Betty or Veronica? Come and discuss recent events in the world of Archie.

Doctor Who…So how were those last 50 years? - Not many shows have such a long and rich history as Doctor Who. Last year we celebrated 50 years with the madman in the blue box–come and discuss your favourite moments with the Lord of Time and his Companions.

Duck Hunt Tournament – Challenge your friends to a shoot out as you take down the flying ducks in the classic NES shooting game by Sponsor GOES. No one wants to see that laughing Dog!! (This tournament will run all weekend and will be scored on Sunday afternoon)

The Evolution of Cosmos - In 1980, PBS and the astronomer Carl Sagan brought us what is now considered an iconic 13-episode television science series, “Cosmos.” The year 2014 saw us return to the “Cosmos” on Fox with Neil deGrasse Tyson in an updated and reimagined series. Did the new series win over billions and billions of fans?

Farewell Matt Smith - How does Matt Smith’s final episode compare to other regeneration episodes?

The Five(ish) Days - What did you think of The Five(ish) Doctors? How did it compare to the Day of the Doctor?

For Your Consideration - What do you think will be nominated for next year’s Constellation Award? What has been amazing in 2014, and what do we still have to look forward to?

Game of Thrones (spoiler warning) - In the game of thrones, you win or you die. Winter is coming, and a Lannister always pays his debts.

History of Ninja Turtles – From a campy doodle on a table napkin to comics, movies, and TV, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have had many different faces. Have all of them been good changes? Which was the “best”? Which ones should have been left in the minds of their re-inventors?

Horror Discussion - BOO! Do you enjoy your spine tingling, your hair raising, and the sound of blood-curdling screams ringing in your ears? Then come discuss the world of horror-the good, the bad, and the bloody.

Ingress - The world around you is not what it seems. Our future is at stake and you must choose a side. Let’s talk about tips and tricks. What are your thoughts about the new levels?

Intro to Costuming - So you want to cosplay? Where do you start? How do you use a sewing machine without grievous injury to yourself? Everything you need to know to leap into the crazy hobby that is costuming. Learn to set up and use a sewing machine and a serger.

Laurell’s Worlds - From Guilty Pleasures to A Shiver of Light, Laurell K. Hamilton has taken us on a journey of vampires, zombies, were animals, the Fey and more. Where will she take us next? Where do we wish she hadn’t gone? What’s your favourite book?

Learn To Play - Gaming – a fun and wonderful part of SF fandom.  However, many of us are just getting our feet wet, and don’t know much about this aspect of fandom.   So at Polar Chill, we’ve got you covered.  Munchkin, Settlers of Catan, Pandemic, Cards Against Humanity, Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars RPG and Hearthstone. Have you heard these names of  games of wondered what they are all about? Come to the Learn to Play sessions and find out.

Make Your Own Buttons - In fandom, we’re pretty hard core collectors.  We collect – among other things – toys, books, magazines, and… buttons! Do you love buttons? So do we!  Bring your collection, show it off in Show & Tell!  Swap with others! And of course, make a new one!  We’ve got some magazines, some programme books — and lots of button making materials!  Drop in and make some buttons!

Mario Kart 8 Tournament – Challenge your friends to a Kart race with your favourite characters in the Nintendo universe in this Mario Kart 8 tournament by sponsor GOES. (This tournament will start at 1pm Saturday and go until we crown the winner!)

Marvel Cinematic Universe/ Phase 2 & 3 (spoiler warning) - Past, Present, Future. Where the Marvel Cinematic Universe started, what’s happening now, and where it’s blasting off to in the future. Marvel reportedly has plans for movies and TV series for the next 20 years, including the new Agent Carter series, and Netflix series for Iron Fist, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and/or The Defenders. What are your thoughts on Marvel’s plan to take over the world?

Murdoch Mysteries - Murdoch Mysteries. One of Canada’s most popular detectives is back for an eighth season! Join other Murdochians for a lively discussion of the show’s upcoming season, and share your thoughts of past and present story lines. Do you think the show has become too popular? What mythical creature will George encounter next? And most importantly, will Detective Murdoch ever learn to patent his ideas?!

(The Obligatory) Slash Discussion – **ADULTS ONLY** Slash all of the things. Slashity slashy slash. (This discussion is NC17)

Once Upon a Grimm in Wonderland - Once upon a time, a Grimm came to Wonderland…no, wait, that’s not right is it? Saviours, Grimms, and White Rabbits abound lately, but how many of them will have a happy ending? Or deserve one?

Paper Bag Puppets – Make your own sci-fi paper bag puppets! Because everyone needs their own Benedict Cumberbatch or Doctor…of any vintage. And everybody definitely needs their own Black Widow. Come make your favourite character.

Person of Interest (spoiler warning) - Team Machine vs Team Samaritan, a fight to the death. Let’s discuss the 3rd season’s surprises, ups, downs and speculate on what’s in store for Team Machine while Decima bows down to the false god Samaritan.

Reversed Polarity Retrospective - Did you attend Reversed Polarity? What did you think of our celebration of the 50th anniversary?

The Rise of the Serial Killer - Dexter was just the beginning, with Joe Carroll (The Following) and Hannibal on network TV, how far can our sympathy for the devil go?  Not to mention our metaphorical serial killer friends, the vampires.

SciFi Match Game - **Parental Guidance suggested** Join the audience of our take on the famous television panel game show in which contestants attempted to match “celebrities’” answers to fill-in-the-blank questions.

Sherlock - Think–it’s the new sexy. Let’s discuss our favourite high functioning sociopath, and his colleague, the doctor with dangerous taste in women and friends.

SHIELD (spoiler warning) - Now that SHIELD has lost its head, how many will grow back? What did you think of the big reveal in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and how it affected the world of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD?

Show and Tell – Do you have an item that you’re especially proud of? Maybe there’s a story behind it. Or may you hunted FOREVER to get it. Share your story with your fellow Chillers.

So you like Sci-fi- what else? - We’re all here because we love our sci-fi but that’s not all we love.

Star Wars Impact – Do you want all the juicy details about the new Star Wars movie? Then come participate in a live recording of an episode of the Star Wars Impact podcast.

Stormtroopers vs. Red Shirts - If a Stormtrooper shoots at a Red Shirt, would the Red Shirt die?

Traditional vs new ways to watch tv - TV watching used to be all about waiting for a specific time on a specific night. Times have changed. There’s a whole new world of seeing our favourite shows from downloading to DVDs to PVR and Netflix.

Upcoming movies - What movies are you looking forward to seeing this year?

Upcoming tv shows - Let’s talk about what’s coming up for the next season, and what we hope will come?

Veronica Mars - So we finally got a movie! And a book! And more books are coming! What did you think of the long-awaited  return of our favourite tiny sassy blonde sassy detective? (Never underestimate the sassy.) Did you help to Kickstart the movie, and did you get your money’s worth? Come out and banter about the kids of Neptune.

What’s with all the comic cons? - Once upon a time, the world of comic cons and sci-fi cons were only for the stereotypical and extremely geeky. Now, the market is supersaturated with all kinds of cons all over the world. How did this happen and why does it seem like conventions are suddenly the hottest events of the summer?

What are you reading? - Let’s talk about what we’re currently reading or want to read.  Reminder, bring a book or two that you’d like to share with people – and join the swap!  You may end up finding a new favourite amongst the swapped books.  As well, it may have the added bonus of introducing someone to one of your favourite books or authors!

Who’s That Girl (scavenger hunt) – I keep seeing this girl. There’s something…different…about her. Please, help me find her. I know she had the answers I need. Search the convention and find her, wherever she is. Leave word at the registration desk, and maybe together we can find out who she is.

Zombie Apocalypse - Are you ready for it? It’s coming and you better be prepared! Join us for intriguing discussions on preparedness, the possibility of it happening, what you can do to protect yourself and get yourself ready for when the chaos hits. Discussions on portrayals in modern media and literature. We will have an example of a “go bag” or emergency preparedness kit. What to include in it, what is frivolous, what is completely unnecessary. So come in and learn how to stay alive!

Got an idea for programming at Polar Chill 2? Email programming@polarchill.tcon.ca and submit your idea!