Basic Convention Policies



The consumption of alcohol at Polar Chill is restricted to people aged 19 and over. Alcohol may only be consumed within hotel rooms, hotel restaurants and bars, or other areas of the hotel licensed to serve alcohol. Drinking in hotel hallways is not permitted.


Your Polar Chill membership badge/wristband is your proof of payment. It must be worn and visible to Reversed Polarity staff at all times. Badges remain the property of Polar Chill and must be returned if membership is revoked. Lost badges/wristbands should be reported to Registration immediately. Members must use real names on their badges – there are no exceptions to this rule as we must be able to properly identify a member in the case of an emergency. Proof of identity must be shown when claiming a lost badge. Lost badges with nicknames or incomplete names will not be returned to anyone claiming them. Please note there is a fee to replace lost badges/wristbands.If your wristband is too tight, please do not remove it. Return to Registration for assistance. Badges are non-transferable, therefore sharing of a badge is prohibited. Sharing a badge with someone else may result in the loss of membership to Polar Chill.


Members are reminded to show courtesy when it comes to scented products. Many members have allergies or chemical sensitivities, and we ask that you remember that when using perfume, after shave or body sprays.

Fresh Clothing

Members are asked to pack and dress appropriately for a fall convention in a busy, sometimes crowded space. We all get hot and sweaty at times – so make sure you bring adequate changes of clean clothing, and in particular if you are planning on wearing the same costume all weekend. You should be wearing clothing under the costume that you change regularly, to ensure your costume stays odour-free.

Hall Costumes

A reminder that No Costume is No Costume. Polar Chill is an all ages welcome event, and people are expected to dress and costume with that in mind.

Hotel Guidelines

Polar Chill asks our members to treat hotel staff with courtesy and respect. We also want to remind members registered with the Sheraton Parkway Toronto North Hotel that they are responsible for any and all damage they may incur to any part of the hotel.

Hotel Rooms: Action will be taken in the case of members who violate hotel rules for use of guest rooms.

Violations include, but are not limited to:

  1. Exceeding the maximum occupancy per hotel room. Hotel management has the right to evict anyone who is not registered with them as a guest from guest rooms.
  2. Charging admission to a room party serving alcohol without a liquor license or serving alcohol to minors. If this is found to have happened, legal action will be taken.
  3. Selling merchandise out of private hotel rooms.
  4. Engaging in any other behaviour that is illegal or disruptive. This will result in loss of convention membership and possible legal action by the hotel.

Member to Member Relations

We expect that all members will treat all fellow members with respect, and avoid unnecessary conflict. Behaviour such as, but not limited to, name calling, causing disruptions, and insulting other members, will result in revocation of your attending membership. We’re all here to have a good time, not referee personal conflicts arising out of issues not involving Polar Chill.

Harassment, stalking and/or intimidation are not allowed at any TCON event under any circumstance and may result in loss of membership badge without refund and removal from convention space. Venue management and/or police may take further action if they feel it warranted.

PDAs- Public Displays of Affection

Please be considerate of others while you are in convention space. Simple PDAs like holding hands hugging, brief kisses are fine but keep anything more intimate for your hotel room so bystanders won’t be forced to be part of your love life. Same-sex couples are entitled to express affection the same as male-female couple without drawing attention, positive or negative. Pressuring or bribing people to perform PDAs in public spaces, whether same-sex or male-female, is harassment and will not be allowed. Don’t assume you can tell anything about the love life of a cosplayer based on a revealing costume and how they behave with their friends. When in doubt, it’s best to politely ask their age before anything happens that you may regret later.

Photographs and Video/Audio Recording

Flash photography is not permitted during the Masquerade. Members are required to get the consent of a parent or guardian before photographing minors (under 18). Members are required to ask the permission of the costumer before taking pictures. No posed photography is permitted during autograph sessions. Photography and video/audio recording may be prohibited during guest appearances where noted. Photography and video/audio recording of guest appearances where permitted is for personal use only and may not be posted online (including, but not limited to, YouTube) traded, sold, or bartered for personal gain. Members who violate Polar Chill’s photography and video/audio recording policy will be removed from Polar Chill without refund.


Polar Chill regrets that we cannot offer refunds for any reason. Please note all guest appearances are subject to professional commitments.


Members may upgrade a one-day access pass to a full weekend membership for the difference in price at Registration desk.

Reserved Seating

  1. Your reserved seat is set aside for your use through-out the weekend. We expect you to have an excellent seat, but please note these are not front row seats.
  2. Your reserved seat does not include special access to autographs.
  3. If someone is in your reserved seat during one of the guest talks, please politely remind the person that they are in your seat. If they will not move, please see security or Main Room staff.
  4. Reserved seats for the Masquerade will only be held up to 5 minutes before the scheduled start time.

Room Parties

Room Parties must be registered with Polar Chill in advance. For more information see Room Parties at Polar Chill.


Please be aware that due to hotel policies, only professional signage may be posted on hotel walls. Please check with the Info Desk before posting any material, otherwise it may be removed. Colour signage with the official Polar Chill header can be created for a nominal fee.


Provincial law prohibits smoking inside convention space and in the hotel. Members are reminded that no smoking is permitted inside any covered structure (ie. the garage) or within a 15 foot radius around any exit. In addition, any member smoking in a guest room that is not designated a smoking room may incur a cleaning levy charged by the hotel.

Taking Care of Yourself

We know there’s a lot to do and see, but TCON members are expected to follow the standard convention guidelines of 6, 2, and 1: Minimum of six hours of sleep per day, two meals per day, and one shower per day. In addition, any member requiring medication or those with special dietary requirements are expected to ensure their needs are met.

Each membership entitles the holder to Basic Membership rights in TCON Promotional Society and, depending on fees paid, access to all areas of Polar Chill during scheduled programming for the day(s) it was issued. Some designated activities may require a different level of membership. In accepting this membership, and in consideration of being admitted to Polar Chill, the holder hereby: (i) releases Polar Chill and/or TCON Promotional Society (hereafter known as TCON), and its representatives, from any liability for loss or damage to persons or property, infringement of any right, or any other claim or cause of action of any kind; (ii) authorizes and permits TCON and its representatives to use his/her name, voice and likeness (video, audio, photographic, etc.) and all reproduction thereof for exhibition in all media, now or hereafter, for promotional purposes; and (iii) agrees to comply with all Club and convention rules and regulations. TCON reserves the right to deny entry to or cancel any membership and/or remove from convention facilities any person who, in TCON’s sole and absolute discretion, is behaving or threatening to behave in a manner disruptive to the convention, or is underage for a particular event or purpose, without refund. This membership is neither refundable nor exchangeable for any reason. For additional information during the convention, please go to the Polar Chill Con Office. For all other times, contact us at:, 416-410-TCON (8266), or visit our website: